Christmas Wish List- School Supplies for the Children of Bolga


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The children of our weavers in Ghana have little to no access to school supplies like notebooks, paper, pencils, erasers and other basics that children on our side of the world have access to before they are even out of their mother's belly.

On top of all that, most of these kids don't know what it is like to open a gift on Christmas and we want to change that!

Check out the link to our Sonder and Holliday Christmas Wish List 2018. There are  all kinds of school items ranging from $1.50 to $35. You will see that on this list we included things like color pencils, art supplies, toys, and stickers because children should have a rich childhood too. 

So please, take a look at our wish list. Anything and everything is welcomed! These kids don't have much and we want to ensure they start their 2019 year right!


Thank you,

Lorena Miranda

Please visit: Christmas Wish List


UPDATE 1/18/18: We have more than we can bear, Oh my! Thank you all for your generosity. We have over 100lbs of stuff so this is going to take a bit more shipping muscle than we originally planned. We will update you when we find a carrier! Thank you. Lorena

UPDATE 12/27/18: The boxes have finally left... after Christmas unfortunately. We could not ship because our friends in Ghana use PO Boxes and FedEx cannot deliver to a PO Box so it took some time to find a physical location with a valid address that would and could accept the boxes. They should arrive, pending customs, by January 9th. A little late but still super exciting. Thank you, Lorena

UPDATE 1/9/2019: BOXES FINALLY CLEARED CUSTOMS AND ARE HEADED TO BOLGA! They should arrive tomorrowwwwww!!!

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