Crystals: Never leave (or have) a home without them.



Those who know me, know that crystals and stones are my thing. I have an altar in my home and I never travel without my amethyst (3rd eye Chakra inflight opening, anyone?) or smoky (so grounding) quartz. Even as a child I was always mesmerized by the colors, shapes, and glitter. During my 8 years as a Steel Trader,  I learned so much about the elements, rocks, and the super cool ways our beautiful earth creates them. Considering the time, energy, and conditions it takes to create some of these stones and crystals, it is no wonder why many cultures consider them a sacred and powerful natural wonder. 

And so do I. 

I teamed up with Raven Dominguez, a crystal and stone lover like me to learn more about crystals and their energies and effects. 

Here is a little bit of insight from her:

Beyond working their magic on top of a shelf, crystals can be used to unlock hidden powers deep within the Universe and you can use them to discover the same power within yourself. Just like everything else the Universe, crystals are loaded with energy. These energies can transform thought patters and help remove any excess emotional baggage one might carry.


Let’s rewind thousands of years ago, when crystals were first discovered by humans. Now we are able to see that ancient civilizations have been applying the therapeutic power of crystals to cleanse physical, mental, and spiritual blockages since the dawn of time.


These blockages may be what stands in the way of you uniting with your true self. As your vibration heightens the more you will see synchronicities and alignments harmoniously arrange in your life. Crystals are great tools to use for tuning into yourself, source, and/or God.


Crystals are even used in a lot of modern technologies. Whether you maybe punching in a problem into your calculator, listening to music on the radio, or watching a cool moving on your computer just know that the reason any of that is possible is thanks to the power of crystals used as conductors.


Crystals are known to be the most stable secure source of energy in the world. It can be said that this conscious organism we call Earth is a giant floating crystal rock, aware of all that we AND all that we do on this planet. Just as much as humans, mother earth is very much alive, as well as the crystals growing within her. By taking quality care of your crystals and using them with pure intentions you will see beautiful transformations blossom in your life and the world as you know it will have changed for the better.


Below is a simple guide decoding the color of the crystals and their uses.


Rose Quartz: The Stone of Love

Rose Quartz- Sonder and Holliday- Meditation-Crystals- Fair-trade

The healing property of rose quartz are not just romantic qualities but unconditional love for all. Promoting forgiveness and understanding, Rose Quartz encourages deep wisdom and a strong connection between you and your partner, allowing you and your partner to see eye to eye and prevent any walking away from either side.


Clear Quartz: The Stone of Focus and Memory

Clear Quartz-Selenite-Milky Quartz- Sonder and Holliday- Fair-trade

Quartz is the most commonly used crystal in the world. It is used for store and transforming energy. Clear Quartz protect the ora by producing a force field of healing and negative ions thus clearing positive Ions. Cool Fact: to save energy, attach clear quartz to the fuel line in your car and reputes to reduce fuel consumption.


Amethyst: The Stone of Healing

It’s protective nature is helpful and purifying the mind and clears negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety. To rid yourself of dark thoughts, meditate with an amethyst. The intuitive properties of amethyst promote work effectiveness and is great with expressing clear communication.






Smokey Quartz: The Stone for Grounding

This stone's natural tones help bring us back down to earth. Many times, life can causes us think in irrational ways that because of stress and other things may seem rational. This along with stones like Obsidian can help ground your thoughts and feelings so you can make more pragmatic decisions based on logic. We should always follow our gut, but sometimes our gut doesn't take reality into account. This stone will help you balance that. 





 There are many ways to use crystals. You can have them in different areas of your home, decorative or hidden, however you wish and you can also use them to meditate. I, for example, like to hold certain stones, depending on what I need the most help and clarity with, in my dominant hand while I meditate. I also always meditate with and amethyst on my forehead (or where the Third Eye is located). 

Cleaning them is interesting too. I typically wash them with ocean water (you can use sea salt and water if you don't have an ocean near by) and then let them sit for several nights charging in the moonlight. Typically I wait for full moons because those to me have the most power and since I am a total moon child (July Baby, Cancer girl and water lover), I feel a special connection to the moon more than the sun, which can also be used to charge crystals. 

How do you know your crystals have been charged? Well there is no set answer, you kind of know that intuitively. And like everything else worth following, your gut is usually a good guide. 








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