Ciji Townsend Shows Us How to Live Balanced, Not Busy for Our Best Summer Yet!




Life can be super consuming. Between work, family, kids, and the everyday minutiae, it is very easy to get sucked up into a vortex of busywork. Before you know it, the holidays are around the corner and you're left wondering where the year went. At the start of the new year, we all feel that particular freshness, only to have it frozen thanks winter's unforgiving temperatures. 

When in the thick of it, nothing sounds better than a vacation. The idea of sipping those special cocktails, basking in the sun or exploring some exotic lands can really add some much needed sunshine to our day. 


Corsica_South_France_Sonder_and_HollicayCorsica, France 


So how do we mentally and physically prepare for our best vacation ever during the gloomiest of months?

We asked Ciji Townsend, Founder and Chief Motivator at Balanced Not Busy, for some tips to get us in the right groove for our next escapade. She was kind enough to share some clever tidbits as well as links to a few things that will help you feel balanced now so you can have a blast later.


4 Fast Balanced Ways to Prepare Now for a Grand Summer



  1. Plan ahead: Why wait?  Plan now for the vacation of your dreams!     Establishing a plan and building anticipation are mood enhancers.  There are clear connections between a high level of anticipation and happiness.  So in a nutshell, the process of planning your next vacation and having something to look forward to will leave you living in a cloud of happiness.  And happiness is the foundation of balance.


  1. Stay healthy: Don't let old man Winter creep up and strip you of your health and wellness routine!  Stay healthy in the Winter months so that your mind and body can enjoy every minute of your vacation.  Staying healthy means..
*Keep moving, you don't have to run a marathon just go for a walk
    * Stay hydrated, protect your skin in the Winter to ensure the Summer
beach glow


  1. Save your pocket change: Avoid overspending by curling up on the couch and buying all the 'online' things.  Rather save your money so that you can pick up some treasures when you travel.  Financial stress is the #1 barrier to living a life full of harmony and balance.  Save now, spend later.


  1. Do your research: While you wait for the day that you board your flight, learn more about where you are headed!  I love traveling like a local, so I always purchase Lonely Planet and do a little reading beforehand.  When you give your mind something to latch onto that's outside of your daily routine and the circumstances that you have adapted to, the act of counteraction leads to a well-balanced life.


Winter can be a real drag, especially once the holidays are over. But with these 4 tips, you can free yourself from that energy and enter a space that is brighter and better for your overall well-being (full of palm trees and 80 degrees, anyone?) long before wheels up. Besides, who doesn't want to feel like they are on vacation every day?

Want more tips to find your balance and thrive year-round?  Check out Balanced Not Busy, a space for go-getters who want rest and a community of people that are ready to embrace balance and stop the glorification of busyness. 



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