Meet us In: Costa Rica (for so cheap!)

We mixed a little business with pleasure and enjoyed a Funday Sunday at the Four Seasons for next to nothing!

Thanks to a business trip in the Liberia region of Costa Rica, I had the most fabulous opportunity to spend the weekend in the touristic zone of the country. On Sunday, we headed to the Four Seasons in the Peninsula Papagayo, one of the most opulent and glamorous beach side resorts I had ever visited- and the whole day cost just under $70 USD! It was so inexpensive for such an luxurious retreat that I felt like I was stealing, except I wasn't, and the entire staff wanted to make sure I felt like a VIP staying in a $10,000 per night villa.


During our conference, one of our local friends told us about an offer the Four Seasons had where for $200, up to 4 people, could indulge in a day pass that included access to the gym, spa, pools, private beaches, and activities. Plus, $100 of the $200 would be applied towards food and drink. 

Was this for real? One of the world's most amazing hotels was THIS accessible? I spend about that on just tip when I staycation in Miami for the day, I couldn't believe that we were on an exotic peninsula, surrounded by water, thick and lush mountains, and everyone at our absolute beck and call  

So off we went like a bunch of kids on their way to Disney World, so excited we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6 am for the 45 min drive up and down the beautiful winding roads that felt like we were being coaxed into sin. And we were a bunch of willing gullible fools.

The Main lobby

The Main lobby

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the amazing staff who already knew my name. Immediately we were escorted to the spa where we each were given a locker with a robe and towels. The spa was small but it had it ALL... including hot and cold pools facing the ocean where I swore never to leave this oasis, not even if there was a fire!

e headed to the gym for an AM sweat sesh- where I worked out so hard because the ocean and mountain view distracted me from the lactic acid building up all over my body and the buckling of my knees.  After an hour or so we headed back to the spa. Till noon we enjoyed the showers, pools, saunas, and amenities. They don't have a steam room, but frankly, as humid as Costa Rica is, you simply need to just stand outside for a similar effect. Besides, the place is so grand, I barely noticed. 

One of the 3 pools

One of the 3 pools

With our bellies yearning for yuca fries and champagne, we headed down to the pool bar and like Abracadabra... *poof*... our lounge chairs were ready and so were we for a swim.  Before we could squeeze the water out of our hair, the servers were brining our champagne glasses  (I mean they were THIS close to walking into the pool themselves to ensure he placed the glass in our hands). Gosh, I am such a sucker for good service!



The day began to get a bit cloudy and the rain started slowly pounding the pavement. As the clouds rolled in, we headed to the beach to watch them take over.


Nestled between two private beaches surrounded by mountains, the clouds gave the skies a majestic, almost romantic vibe. I would rarely say that about clouds on holiday. As an avid sun worshiper and beach hopper, nothing dampens my vacay mood more than overcast, but in Costa Rica, it just added to the glamour of the place.

Unlike Miami or the Caribbean, the waters aren't turquoise or mint. They are barely even clear. This is thanks to the dark volcanic sands surrounding the country. Nonetheless, it accented the magic of the beach and behaved like a mirror as the clouds rolled in. So pretty!

Mirrored Waters. Vizcaya Wrap in Amazon

Mirrored Waters. Vizcaya Wrap in Amazon

We played in the rain, frolicked in the water, and then napped on the beachside lounge chairs like a bunch of babies. I kept repeating to myself: I can't believe I'm here! 

Yours Truly napping like a baby.  Hat: The Standard with Dupont Band in Navy and Valencia bow in Salsa.  

Yours Truly napping like a baby.  Hat: The Standard with Dupont Band in Navy and Valencia bow in Salsa.  

After a full day of resort living, we went back to the spa for a final shower and dip in the pools. As day turned into night, the grey clouds of the afternoon transitioned into black and purple, and with them came one of the most spectacular light show I had ever seen. Lighting strikes so vivid it felt like I was the target. Scary, but too cool to look away. Costa Rica really is a natural phenomenon- one not to be missed. 

 Even at the starting rate of $700 per night, I'd go back in a heart beat... ok maybe not, but the day pass fulfilled all of our fantasies, gave us all the frills, and covered lunch and a few cocktails. 

If you're planning a trip to Costa Rica and the Four Seasons is out of reach for your budget, consider a day pass. It is a fabulous way to live the glamorous resort life on the cheap-- just make sure you tip well. These guys and gals really do a lot to ensure you feel like their honored guest and deserve all the praise in the form of extra cash.


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