SMUDGE's Neelou Malekpour tells us how clear the air for Spring





By now a lot of you know that I am an avid smudge-er, crystal collector (hoarder), and moon child. I am a huge believer in the law of attraction, the power of thoughts, and the importance of being aware of your energy and the energy you put out and allow in. Meditation is the only thing that really keeps my erratic mind at bay and I enjoy doing it with my stones, fully charged by the moon light, on and around me. 

At a full moon pop-up event event in Miami Beach, I came across SMUDGED , an online shop of all kinds of smudge goodies and sprays. I took their business card and put it in my purse.

Verrrryyyy long story short, somehow, my assistant, who is allowed to go through my purse, took their business card and added it to our email list. A few weeks later,  I sent an email out for asking for donations from our Amazon list for the Christmas Box I sent to Ghana. Of all the the things that arrived, the only one that came labeled "From" said SMUDGED. I never knew they were even on the list but nonetheless I just had to reach out and thank them. It was meant to be!

That was how I met Neelou Malekpour, owner and founder of Smudged. We met one day over lunch and chatted for so long that the entire day flew by us. I was so impressed with her brand, but more than that I was impressed by her! She found a beautiful and genuine way to harness her deep understanding and connection to her own energy into tools we can all use to help us do the same. Her products are designed to help maintain high energy vibrations and are sourced consciously with our planet in mind. 

I sat down with Neelou Malekpour to discuss in further detail a bit more about the how-to's and don'ts of smudging.


You offer beautiful smudge sticks in different sizes, but the one we are interested in talking about today are The Lovers. Can you tell me a little bit about their ingredients, purposes, and how to use it properly?



Made from sage harvested in California, french lavender, roses, and other wild flowers depending on the season, The Lovers is a beautiful tool to help dust off bad energy patches in your home, like energetic cobwebs. You use it the way you would dust something. Energy gets trapped the same way dust and grime gather in your home.

To use it, light it with a match, lighter, or candle, whatever feels sacred. Before I light it I thank the plants for their energy and respect for the work they are about to do. I walk around the house and fan the smoke. Some people even like to undo the hemp string and put it in a bowl and light it that way.

Which ever way you like to use it keep in mind that you have to open lots of windows and doors. You need to give the stagnent energy a place to go so ventilation is crucial.

After smudging, you have a clear slate so you can now call in something positive like your angels, guides, and desires. 


The Cleanse + Protect Spray, tell me a little bit more about it because I like to spray that everywhere and whenever I need a pick-me-up and in combination with The Lovers. Is that how to use it?



Like The Lovers, it cleanses and raises energy. Have you ever had a friend or family member come over, you love them but when they leave they you feel drained? If you spray this after they leave, it neutralizes the space. 

The spray is great when smoke isn't appropriate or you're not feeling like smoking up your place. It really is a matter of what you vibe with or what you prefer. I love to spray it in my bed, my towels, and anytime I'm in a funk, or just got off a weird or stressful phone call, just anytime I need to clear the air.

It is made with Peruvian Agua Florida infused with crystal points which we leave in the bottle to keep the fragrance charged. So spray it on anything you find sacred to clean and protect from bad vibrations.


Part of the kit in the giveaway we did included 3 stones: a raw Emerald, Citrine, and a Desert Rose Selenite. What are the metaphysical properties of these?



Citrine since it is a yellowish color, it is great for spring. It connects you to the energy of the sun and is wonderful for prosperity helping to remove any kind of blockages to help you get to that abundance or help you reach that certain goal. 

Raw Emerald is connected to the heart chakra. The green in Emerald corresponds to everything in nature and is a very heart soothing stone. It really helps neutralize heaviness and helps open the heart. 

Desert Rose Selenite is a very powerful *manifesting store. It helps you get whatever you want done. With the spring energy, figure out who you want to be and then take that stone and meditate with it. 


*Neelou made a very interesting point. She isn't a fan of the word manifestation,  which I agreed with. This word tends to be used a lot and sometimes feels like it is tossed around like a trendy buzzword, diluting the value and purpose. On top of that, it is a process, not a magic wand and oftentimes can leave you feeling frustrated that you aren't "manifesting" what you want.

Instead, I prefer to use the word Deliberate Creator (coined by Abraham Hicks), because it better emcompasses who we are and the power of our inner being.

With that said, I hope these tidbits by Neelou Malekpour have helped you learn more about the ways of smudging, cleansing your space, and clearing the air so that all the beautifulness, rigor, and blooms of spring can come into your life in a warm and enlightened way. 


Happy Spring!



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