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The Standard Victoria Basket| No.1 Noir
The Standard Victoria Basket| No.1 Noir
cute picnic basket

The Standard Victoria Basket| No.1 Noir

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  Made In Ghana

Standard Dimensions:  approximately 15" Wide, 14" High. We promise you'll be the chicest one  at the Farmer's Market, beach, picnic, grocery store, mall... you get the idea.


  • Noir: Like the midnight sky, all the dark hues spread throughout this natural straw and meticulously woven elegant tote 
  • Hand Woven straw
  • Sustainably sourced goatskin handles
  • Opening at center below rim for closure
  • Can be easily reshaped with water (instructions included).


Fun Fact: The straw used to make our Victoria Baskets are considered a nuisance to farmers. Our weavers do them a favor by collecting it off their lands. In turn, they produce beautiful products using that same nuisance straw. Someone's trash is someone else's treasure, indeed!


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