luxury Medium black basket with leather handles made in Ghana that is sustainable and fair trade.
luxury medium black woven straw basket with leather handles and organge flowers
Medium Black woven straw basket with leather handles for the picnic, beach, bakehouse or boat.
woven basket with handle
woven straw baskets with handle shown from small, medium, large. to extra large
woven black basket in medium and black basket with natural straw that is very small. a Mini basket.

The Daily Victoria Basket | No.1 Noir

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The Day-to-Day: a blend of The Standard and The Petite, just right for every day use. Sizes vary slightly as this option is where we place all the baskets that were too small to be Standard but too big to be Petite. #HandmadeProblems 

Natural: Understated, elegant, sophisticated, all of the above all of the time.

  • Hand Woven straw
  • Sustainably sourced goatskin handles
  • Can be easily reshaped with water (instructions included
  • To the left of The Petite Victoria in the group photo


Fun Fact: The straw used to make our Victoria Baskets are considered a nuisance to farmers. Our weavers do them a favor by collecting it off their lands. In turn, they produce beautiful products using that same nuisance straw. Someone's trash is someone else's treasure, indeed!