About our Artisans


We believe that the best way to propel people out of poverty is to give them an opportunity and empower them to use their skills and talents so they can better themselves.  We have built a business with this concept as it's heart and soul and this is why we choose to work with people and groups who are transparent with the way the makers get paid and treated.

Together, we bridge that gap between the wearer and the maker of luxury goods.

This is our mission. This is our purpose. This is why we went into business and they are what we are the most passionate about!


Our Lady  Artisans

Meet our Victoria Basket ultra talented weavers and makers! They spend hours selecting the perfect straw, dying it with the right mix of colors, and double weaving it meticulously so that you will never have to worry about her falling apart as you carry all of your fabulous market finds or vacation requirements.  

With each sale, they each get a little extra cha-ching! And we make sure it goes straight into their pocket.


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The Hats