Made in Ecuador


"When you know it is made by hand, it changes the experience of wearing it." - Lorena Miranda Bendeck, Owner and Founder of Sonder & Holliday

   What began as a curious interest in the craftsmanship of a straw hat Lorena Miranda Bendeck saw during a business trip to Panama evolved into a key and vital product for our brand and story. 
   Our Fino Hat, also known as a Panama Hat, is a classic wardrobe staple made for men, women, and children.  Although known as a Panama Hat, it is actually made in Ecuador. We call ours the Fino Hat (Spanish for Fine Hat) because ours is made using a finer grade of straw and weaving technique that only the most experienced weavers have mastered. 
sisig, ecuador. Cuenca Panama hat
   We traveled to Ecuador to meet the makers of our Fino Hat and other Ecuadorian products to learn more about them, their story, and how we, as a company, can collaborate to help improve their situation. 
   We learned that the grand majority of weavers are women, several of which have left abusive situations and found economic shelter weaving for established cooperative in Ecuador like the one we source form. We also learned how important this work is to this community in the outskirts of Cuenca, Ecuador because it is the only source of income for many of these weavers, several of whom are seniors. 
   We are thrilled to work together with this group of artisans. With them by our side, we can create beautiful, elegant designs that will delight our customers while preserving their art and providing an income stream to some of the most talented  people in Ecuador. 
Lorena Miranda Bendeck- Sonder and Holliday, Panama hat sisig, ecuador. Cuenca Panama hat Panama hats in the making